In a small corner of South West Wales, two plant-based students dreamt of one day owning their own high street store - a 'Little Orange Shop'.

With a passion for creativity, and a knack for practical skill we set off pursuing our dream.

At first, we explored many ways to create our vision of a socially responsible start-up. We began to experiment with many natural oils & earthy colours.

T H E  R E A L  M A G I C

We believe in ethical and concious living:

"How we treat & use the planet, matters."


That's why we took it upon ourselves to ensure that we will only use sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, and natural ingredients in our hand-poured candles.

 From the packaging to the ingredients, we believe that everything that we use is a direct representation of us.

Our commitments

A completely plant-based and natural alternative to artisan gifts.
Change attitudes on how we treat and use the planet.
Combine creativity and practical skill to create wholesome products.





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